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Re: Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

by Th3VaultVids

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Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

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I was instructed by Microsoft support to contact someone from Bioware about a problem on Xbox one. So the problem is the dlc is not working. I've been through all the steps to try to make it work. So I'm trying to play Mass Effect 2, backwards compatible on my Xbox one. I start the game, I go into extra content, all of the dlc is there. It says owned but I cannot download it. I have the original code for the Zaeed dlc. I tried to input it in hopes anything would happen. 


Now what I've found is, if you go into "New content available" in game and re download some of the dlc, it will work. I had to log into to get the Kasumi dlc. Most of the dlc is not in the Xbox one online store so it makes it all the more frustrating to try to get the dlc you own. It's frustrating because when you go in game it directs you to "My games & apps" which will ask you to manage your game. You press the select button and you can see the dlc available. That's when it becomes a problem because it then directs you to the store which of course doesn't have the dlc you are looking for. It's a loop of confusion. 


Im including some photos from my Xbox one. I hope someone can shed light on this. 

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Re: Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

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The second photo is in the manage games area of the Xbox one. As you can see it only shows 3 things. Doesn't even show Kasumi, but you can see that I own it. The last photo is the Xbox one store. It doesn't show most of the dlc for ME:2 yet it is available in the actual game.


Im adding another photo of what it tells me to do in the game, when I'm trying to access one of the dlc's.

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Re: Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

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i am having the same problem. i bought the Genesis DLC - it seems downloaded ane installed but when i go for new run it will not start :-( other dlc seems downloaded but as it was written above i cannot see or use them in game.

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Re: Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

@MNjr01 @IndiiDenise


This seams like a Xbox store issue,  but you can contact EA directly to make sure. If you are not from the US change the country in the top right corner.


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: Mass Effect- Xbox One DLC Problem

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I know this is a little late for this but if anyone else runs into this issue....if you uninstall everything including the game and dlc you have and then reinstall it, it will work again.

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