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Mass Effect 2 won't start

by tyurtel

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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I dont whant no user work around , it's trilogy and this company stated it's a old game and well ... ??????


what the Hell !


I am not a kid or a lab mousse that is hee to fix BUGs Origine or Bioware are too lazy to fix !


what are you guys doing , on this website asked for bug reports almost two years ago !!!!!!!!


also no fix in the update and you dont bother for your users but mass effect player are at least 18 and work !


I wish there was a way to get the money I lost not workking and trying to instal that right back but you guys dont care and it's a shame !


now I got to re-instal the all thing because I aint doing no work arounds from users that may cause more bugs later so I will NOT , I had mass effect 1 and played it fine and it also worked with the trilogy , I also had mass effect two before origine and it worked fine but I got the trilogy thinking : cool I will have all 3 and have a session on them all but it's all spoiled now!


I will not instal mass effect 3 because I lost so much time with the bugs on mass effect 2 that now I'm sick of it !!!!!!!!


get your Bugs sorted , I have lost money and time here and it's just a shame because you guys make money of it today and will tomorow !


I'm sorry for all the buyers that will get screwed thid christmass getting more trilogy of mass effect ! we are not your lab mousse and it's not users that should fix this with work arounds but this company ! keep your beta test and work better !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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just go to X:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 2\Binaries and launch ME2Game or make a shortcut of this exe on desktop. Then just log into EA via cerberus in the game if you wish using your EA account mail + password, however, it is not nescessary. Works for me.


Hope it works for you too Wink

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Hey guys just came across another fix.

The guy that posted the fix works amazing, but turns the ME2 into just ENGLISH. So no Spanish or other languages. In order to fix this and recover your clean install on the ME2 without having to download all the installer again


What I just did was:


1- Delete the MassEffect2.exe and the ME2Game

2- go to origin and try to start the game (it will say the game its not installed so you have to begin download)

3- Press OK and download everything

4- the game its already installed, so it will only double check the data that's already on your disk and add the two EXE files I deleted before. NO DOWNLOAD OR ANYTHING NEEDED!

5- it will say installing for a while.

6- then the game will be ready and you could start it in the language you use on Origin.

7- AVOID THE MassEffect2Config.exe!!!!!!

8- copy the saved game from ME1 to your ME2 directory MANUALLY!

9- You are ready to go! Standard smile


Hope it helps :D

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Csn you dumb this down for me, give a tutorial?

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Thank you for this i got my ME2 working again

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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...This is the last **bleep** I buy from EA, that's for sure.  I'll try getting this fix to work later, but goddamn, what a **bleep**ing joke.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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it worked, Standard smile thanks

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Unfortunately none of the fixes worked for me. Reluctant to contact EA support again, as I got someone who could barely comprehend English...


Will have to uninstall/reinstall YET AGAIN and try the manual import. Here goes YET ANOTHER 10+ hours of download/installation...

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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F*** EA. They have screwed me over to many times now. Im done with them. If we want EA to change we have to stop buying from them. No more buying games or dlc. Ill continue to play the games I already have but I aint buying any more. They are not getting one more penny from me. Ill just torrent new games and dlc that come out. They need us. We made EA by buying s*** from them. Theyd be dead in the water if we hadnt given them our money. But they dont give a s*** about us. All they want is money. So if we stop buying ea games they will stop making money and then they will have to listen to us.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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The issue for me it would not open because of PhysX.  Its becaue the game doesn't support the newer version. If you uninstall the newest version and install  PhysX_9.09.0814_SystemSoftware it works fine. It's so stupid they havent fix the problem on their end. 

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