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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

by KapteinKapsel

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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This worked for me too. Thank you!

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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

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i have the same problem... did you happen to know a solution by now? - desperate....

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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try to delete MassEffect2Config from Mass Effect 2\Binaries ,it worked for me and game isnt even freezing anymore.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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i just started having this issue. i quit the game, made dinner, came back to my desk and start it up again...and it won't start. i mean, seriously? what could have possibly happened in 40 minutes on an idle computer to cause this? i just don't understand.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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F#K you EA. This problem has gone on for three years, and my freshly-bought ME2 game is having the same problem. THREE YEARS? Are you f#king serious? I could learn how to code C++ in three years and fix the game myself if I had access to the source code!


You guys have no excuse for this, this is just straight-up negligence of your paying customers' ability to use your product. You should be f#ing sued for this bullsh#t! This is the last EA game I buy, and I'm going to go to as much trouble as I can be bothered to in order to deter other customers from your sh#ty products.


You guys wonder why people pirate your games? This is the main reason. Make them as affordable as you like, but if they don't f#ing work, people won't f#ing buy them.


Yours sincerely,

F#k you

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Could you please say a little more about what you had to do, those two points doesn't give enough info, I really wanna play this game again, played it a few times till now that it does not want to open up anymore

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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I gotta fully agree. It's March in 2015, this problem has been going for years, I tried all the suggested solution multiple times and still can't get it running through origin on neither of my 2 computers. It's very sad that EA isn't even trying to fix it, especially because Mass Effect 2 is/was one of my favorite games ever.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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*angry venting ahead*


It seems if anything, everytime a solution is found here, EA 'fix' it so that the solution doesn't work anymore. None of the suggestions here work for me. Not a one. And support is perpetually useless. I am just about ready to set my computer on fire I am so angry. Seriously contemplating throwing money out the window and buying ME2 AGAIN on Steam where at least stuff actually works.


*angry venting over*

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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This worked for me, thanks Confusedmileyhappy:


I had already been messing about with manually copying the save files over so after downloading those 2 exe's over and hitting play it went straight in and I could use my old saves.  Then I found that the old saves only cover a few questions like saving the Council so I'm not sure it really matters, I reconfigured Shepard as well.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Where are these files located? I can't find them.

@pontiac51 wrote:

Ok, i now could resolve my issue. First i tried to edit the Coalesced.ini with Notepad++. Sadly, there is some kind of checksum, so that didn't work. And i guess this is why the config editor doesn't work for all of you. It just messes up this checksum. However, there is a checksum fix called ME2IniFixer.


So i did the following things:

1. Edited the Coalesced.ini with Notepad++

2. Let ME2IniFixer fix the Coalesced.ini


Now the game runs again. I will now try to import the ME1 save files and keep you updated. It could be the ME2IniFixer might also be able to fix that.


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