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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

by Gorath_the_Elder

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Mass Effect 2 won't start

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I recently bought the Mass Effect Trilogy on Origin.


I played through Mass Effect 1, and decided to start Mass Effect 2. It started, but when I clicked to import ME1 character, it was saying that it didn't find anything and recommended me the configuration utility.


I used the configuration utility, located the ME1 save files, it worked. I checked it, the configuration utility was able to copy my character to a special file located on C:\Users\User\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1. It is there.


However, now ME2 won't start. I click "play" on the origin's my games tab and it just won't start. I already uninstalled and installed again, no success.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Ok, i now could resolve my issue. First i tried to edit the Coalesced.ini with Notepad++. Sadly, there is some kind of checksum, so that didn't work. And i guess this is why the config editor doesn't work for all of you. It just messes up this checksum. However, there is a checksum fix called ME2IniFixer.


So i did the following things:

1. Edited the Coalesced.ini with Notepad++

2. Let ME2IniFixer fix the Coalesced.ini


Now the game runs again. I will now try to import the ME1 save files and keep you updated. It could be the ME2IniFixer might also be able to fix that.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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Hello Everyone, I managed to fix my problem..


First, the background.


I downloaded the trilogy from Origin, cleared ME1, then opened ME2, everything went well till I realized I hadn't picked my save I went out the game, used the ME2 config file and screwed up my game as everyone else did. Then I tried downloading and installing the game, and it didnt work. I tried to add my savefile manually and it didnt work either. So


What I did:



1-  Deleted "MassEffect2Config.exe" from C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Mass Effect 2\Binaries.

2- Deleted the save file from ME1 from C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1

3- Run "Repair Installation" for ME2 in origin.

4- After it finished, I added my save file manually to the ME2 folder in "C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1"


Opened the game, and worked fine.


Hope it helps.

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mass effect 2 wont start

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Mass effect 2 won't startup on origins? After it is do syncing cloud data nothing happens. Tryed running as admin in the folder but it went to start screen then crashed.

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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

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Your question offers far too little of a handle to even begin to make any WAGs.



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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

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Ok, heres a more clear description of what he's saying. as now Origin decided to randomly make my copy of Me2 have the same issue. After launching origin and selecting "play" for mass effect 2, a message pops up saying "syncing cloud data" as it always does. Then, nothing happens whatsoever. The message goes away, and the game does not start. I bring up my task manager and origin is using over a gig of memory to essentially do nothing. It tries to launch the game, and gets itself stuck in a loop. Mass effect 2 worked fine the first couple times I launched it, only after origins most recent update did I start hacing this problem, and it's only happening for mass effect 2. I uninstalled the game, repaired my install, deleted all the Dlc, ran as admin, and not a single thing works... I'd very much like to be able to play my game again, and origin's launcher is the reason it won't run.

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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

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I am having the exact same problem. I've tried everything I could thin of but nothing seems to work.

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Re: mass effect 2 wont start

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I made a post with the exact same problem. Still no answer.


Since it is sudden and worldwide, my money is that it is a problem with Origin.


Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean the official answer of some guy representing EA) that if you check in for the Origin Beta, that problem is fixed. Mine wasn't cause my Origin won't download the Beta Client.


In case you want to try: just open Origin. Up there in the tabs, click "origin" and then "app configuration". Down there, check "update to beta version".


Tells us if it works!

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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same problem here tried everything i think it has somthing to do with the origin update

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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My situation is identical, down to the installs/uninstalls and order of events. ME2 ran correctly until after I did a character import from ME1. Now nothing occurs after the "syncing data" phase.


I opened a ticket about this on Thursday and had a chat with a friendly CS rep, but he had to bump the issue upstairs to game specific devs. They might be waiting on a new origin update to reply. Fingers crossed that this happens soon, as I absolutely cannot start ME3 until I play through the second.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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IMO, neither of the two who added a "Me, Too" has any real idea whether or not your situation is actually identical, because none of the three of you have provided the routine, ordinary information that could determine whether or not you actually have totally identical PCs with totally identical loads of software:



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Re: Mass Effect 2 won't start

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If anyone gets a fix for this, could you post it?


From the symtoms described, I'm experiencing the exact same situation (Trinity, Import completed ME1 charcter into ME2, ME2 now fails to launch).



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