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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash

by blackbow1970

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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash



Is this a Steam or Origin Installation?

Did you repaired the game?

Is it always crashing at the same spot?


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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash

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I just managed to fix it. When it worked, i had done this:


- set all my graphics to minimum

- made sure my system was using my dedicated graphics card for the game

- updated all possible drivers

- patched the game to 1.02

- removed the command argument -nomoviestartup from the shortcut. I figured, what the hell, sounds like it could be messing something up as well, let's switch to default.


And it finally did it. I'm not quite sure which of these did it (for all i know, just by having removed the -nomoviestartup thing i made it work. I tried playing straight after patching but still no good.)


...You know, it's been such a long time since I played the game now, I'm not even sure what i was supposed to do. I'll have to do a quick read up, i guess haha.


Good luck!

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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash

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removing the -nomoviestartup fixed the black screen freeze during the car chase for me. Its funny because i had to turn it on to even make it that point and then it turned out to be the cause of for this particular issue.


i hate everything to do with illium right now. its a constant battle of trying different configurations just to get past one bug only to run face first into another.


Thanks to everyone who has posted there solutions thus far.

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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash

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OH. MY. GOD. THANK YOU!! I have been banging my head on a freaking ROCK for the last few hours on this!


----------------SPOILER ALERT BELOW---------------


So, a couple of points:

1) If you DO NOT see the bomb explosion in the beginning of the Shadow Broker DLC after going with Vasir to the hotel, RESTART your mission. I don't know if picking different squad members helped or not, but if you do not see that explosion, you'll get to the Liara/Vasir shootout and Liara will just be standing there with her pistol drawn and you can't interact with her or anything else. This is where I restarted and realised I didn't see the hotel explosion in the beginning.


2) The "screen going black" car chase - I removed the "-nomoviestartup" option and that fixed it! I did notice that the cutscene seemed to be a different resolution than the one that I was playing at, so maybe a factor?


TODO: Curious if the outfits the team members wear matters; I outfitted them all with the DLC custom packs. If I could do it all over (Which I distinctly DO NOT want to do, maybe I'd try with their default skins. 


THANK YOU again for this!

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Re: Mass Effect 2 - Shadow Broker DLC Crash

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