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Re: ME2 DLC, BSN download

by ThandalNLyman

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ME2 DLC, BSN download

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My question has probably been answered somewhere before but I cant find any answer except to buy the dlcs again, so here goes my question...


I bought ME2 on steam when it launched I believe and got the CN key with the copy. I however bought all the dlcs individually through BSN, I found this link ( but as I understand I cant play the dlcs without a code that I get through a purchase on origin.


Is there a way for me to access the dlcs I bought years ago and not have to pay for them again?

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Re: ME2 DLC, BSN download

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@Mouseron;  If you registered the the DLC you're talking about under your BioWare (and/or EA account) when you purchased it, then it should d/l, install, and play just fine for you now.

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