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Re: ME1 Council saving corrupted?

by RahKatosh

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ME1 Council saving corrupted?

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Hi everyone.


I came here about one small (but important to me) problem i found in ME2.

I use one of my ME1 game, (the 7th) were i made a few new choice, discover more details, with parangon Shep.


At leat, i spotted some minor bug, like Miranda and Jacob asking me hy a sacrifice Kaidan while i saved him (and the first sequence prove it, damn good helmet he've got), and asking me hy to sacrifice the council. I didn't mind these question.


But damned, i right come meet Anderson and the Council, and they're **bleep**in' telling me that i really sacrifice them o.O

Looked in the Codex -> Sacrifice during the war.

Even before start this game, i checked all the details (Wrex saved, Kaydan saved, Parangon, No romance, COUNCIL SAVED)

Heee, may don't have any change in the game, but still mean a lot for my play.


Thinking about why it come to this, may choose Anderson as councelor, or change the game language cause this bug?

Or why in the Comics they're asking me who become councelor (Anderon/Udina), right before says again that i saved the council o.O


Idea anyone?



P.S : Sorry for my english.


P.S.S : En francais :

En somme, sur ma dernière partie importer de ME1, j'avais sauver le Conseil. Or dans ME2, sur la partie importé, ce n'est plus le cas. Kaidan est bien sauvé, mais par contre dans le Codex comme au présidium, le jeu considère qu'il son mort.

Une idée sur l'origine de ce bug?

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Re: ME1 Council saving corrupted?

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Test :

tryed with Udina at Councelor, truck at the first mission, one damn drone bugged in the ground --" Damn these **bleep**.

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