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Re: Game is Twitchy

by VaHarned

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Game is Twitchy

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I started playing the game today for the first time ever and I notice one huge problem.


The game is extremely twitchy and shaky. Its like my graphics are having a epilepsy episode every 5 seconds. Trying to think of a good example of what I am experiencing. Have you ever played or watched the Silent hill PT Demo? Remember the Ghost or that evil thing that tries to eat you? You know how their head twitch crazy if you watch the ghost or watch the monster outside the window? That's how my game is but the entire screen.


My system specs are:


Windows 10

4771 i7 core

Gigabyte 980 ti

16 gb 2400 ram

z87 pro v edition

meh hdd


This problem is just annoying and I wish to hopefully get it fixed.

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Re: Game is Twitchy

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@SrA_HumbleZ I didn't get that far in the PT demo, I was creeped out too much after a few laps of the halls. I still have it on the PS4 so i'll come back to it some day, once I can build my nerve up. 

But you're not here for that! You've got a pretty beastly card, can you check that the drivers for it are up to date? If so, can you try running the game in Windowed mode and see if that has any effect on the issues?


If you have any overclocking, try disabling this as a test, too. 


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Re: Game is Twitchy

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I am having that problem as well, but I have had this game and been playing it on Origin for months. It has been about 3 weeks since I played it last and it was working fine. I wonder if the problem is linked to the new Windows 10 OS that came out during that time period.

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Re: Game is Twitchy

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@AlphaMikeWhisky I am also running windows 10 and just got my Sims4 and am having the same issue. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours? if so, how did you fix it? please let me know as this is super frustrating to me
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Re: Game is Twitchy



Could you provide a video of that issue?


Please create a DxDiag in text file format and post it with your next reply.


You can attach the DxDiag text file you created to your post in the “Reply” window with the “Choose File” button. 



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Re: Game is Twitchy

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@Holger1405 It was the same issue as the original poster of this thread from 2015, but I got it figured out. It was the fact that the game site Orgin had the game playing at a much lower speed than my laptop graphics card was set it, so I changed the speed of the Orgin one and now it is playing great. But thank you.
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