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Betreff: Disc Unreadable on Games on Demand copy Xbox 360

by Holger1405

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Disc Unreadable on Games on Demand copy Xbox 360

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So I am an original xbox 360 owner who's had his copy of mass effect 2 on a shelf since around 2012. Only got around now to play it. I finished mass effect 1 with a level 60 character. I had previously on a USB downloaded the cerebrus network and the blood dragon armor, so I install disc one of Mass Effect 2 and proceed to buy all the dlc for it, save the appearance packs and the mass effect interactive story. I start playing and about 20 hours in, as soon as I reach Illium and try to load it, I get an error message that the "Disc is unreadable, please clean with a cloth". I go okay, not a problem! I buy the digital version so I don't have to play the swapping game anyways. Delete the disks, download it,  do a clean cache, delete my character info and the import tool save, restart from scratch. Everything is fine. UNTIL I GET TO ILLIUM...same thing. The game gives me a disc read error when I don't have any discs...I try to standard Microsoft advice routine, which is to make sure its the same profile I bought the game with (done...its my only profile, but just to be on the safe side, I delete my profile, redownload it and do a license transfer which can only be done every 4 months). I delete some DLCs, and redownload them, the less size costly ones, since by downloading the initiual dlc PLUS the games on demand version, I just blew my 20 gigs a month download limit with my provider and have to wait until the 7th or I'll get billed again. At this point, I'm thinking it might be a licensing issue because the game switched from Bioware to EA and all their Origin PC thing...but I digress. 

So this is where I stand. A physical copy, a games on demand copy and all dlcs, none of it working when I try to land on Illium and I'm running out of ideas. Until I can delete all DLC and redownload it again in about 2 weeks, which I'm starting to think won't work, does anyone have any other suggestions? I logged in to this EA account to make sure that my xbox live profile was registered on it and it is, so...I can't download Origin because I don't have a PC at home, besides which from what I understand from reading it, it's only to purchase and run games on the PC anyways.


Any other suggestions? Or should I just get everything refunded from Xbox Live and play only the barebones version of the game, if it works at all? This scares me, because I also have an unopened Mass Effect 3 with no dlcs I was planning to buy it all back when I finished with ME2....


PS, I'm writing this from a friend's computer, I might be a while in replying since for some reason on my ipad, I can only consult messages instead of replying to them. So bear with me here.

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Betreff: Disc Unreadable on Games on Demand copy Xbox 360



I would suggest to contact  EA directly. If you are not from the US change the country in the top right corner.
Let them have a look at your account.


If you have trouble with the contact attempt look at this guide


If that don't helps, did you power cycled your Xbox?


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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