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Re: Dialog screenshots in me2 without a watermark?

by xzavierhyde

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Dialog screenshots in me2 without a watermark?

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I want to get a few screenies of certain bits of me2 dialog without a watermark like the fraps program promises if you don't pay them, can't use printscreen since it just gives black screenies with nothing on them and editing the key bindings wouldn't let me take them in dialog anyway so yeah any way to do it without a nasty ass watermaark or paying greedy developers for a tool that shouldn't be required?

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Re: Dialog screenshots in me2 without a watermark?

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EDIT: Whoops; didn't notice that you mentioned key bindings in your post. I guess you're right about them not working in dialogue mode, though I haven't tried, as I have the game through Steam, which provides built-in screenshot capabilities for all Steam games using the F12 key (changeable, of course).


But if screenshot facilities is all you need, then FRAPS will do the trick. The free version doesn't watermark them. It only watermarks videos. The only limitation on screenshots is that they can only be saved in BMP format.


Hope that helps.

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