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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

by Will31012

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Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

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Hi all,

I have recently purchased the Mass effect trilogy and I am currently playing ME2, however I cannot activate the Cerberus Network as I don't have the code. I have tried purchasing in game and it's says unable to due to premium content privacy settings which I have checked. Also I have tried to purchase from the store which says not for this device.

Any help on this would be great thanks 

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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

Community Manager

Hey @Will31012


Could you try these steps:


  • Go into Mass Effect 2
  • Click "New content",
  • Choose Cerberus Network
  • Go to "Ready to install" list and see if you can download the pass from there.

Let me know if that helped Fingers crossed



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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

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Thanks for the help but it didn't work, it still says premium content blocked for this profile. I have checked all the settings and they are fine plus as I previously said it won't let me download it straight from xbox game store either
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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

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I bought the trilogy also. I'm on mass effect 2 but apparently the trilogy doesn't come with all the dlc? I'm so confused

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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

Community Manager



Can I ask what is your regional setting for the store? In other words, I would like to check if this particular DLC is available in your location.




Yes, the ME trilogy doesn't offer access to all the extra content available for the first 3 Mass Effect games.



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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

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I'm in Australia and mine also says premium content blocked for this profile

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Re: Cerberus Network Code Xbox One

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i have the exactly same problem, but in my case my Mass Effect trilogy  for Xbox 360 has the cerberus network code. I have typed it several times, even typed the U instead of V because the used font on the paper was not clear with these characters. But all times i get the same message saying timeout. I also did a try to connect to cerberus from the game and list  all the dlcs, Just wanted to obtain cerberus network that is incredible FREE, but heh, the console say that content is not allowed on the profile. I have set all kinds of xbox one profile settings, with the SAME  result.


Please EA, what happen with the extra content that we bought with the game ? we must be able to access it...

waiting for solution, We need the access to the cerberus network and its content, that we paid with the game.

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