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Cannot install a DLC I have bought

by N7_Judge

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Cannot install a DLC I have bought

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Hello, I bought more or less all of the DLC's for Mass Effect 2 from Bioware.  After downloading them all, they all work appart form the Kasumi DLC.  For some reason when I try to install it, after the validating files popup, nothing happens.  As said the other DLC's have installed fine, just this one will not.


Please can someone help as soon as possible.



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Re: Cannot install a DLC I have bought

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No Help here? I have the same problem :/

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Re: Cannot install a DLC I have bought

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I had the same problem (Kasumi and Overlord) and I solved it this way today:

Install ME2 to another pc/laptop, download the dlc on it, install it there, then copy the file (f.e. kasumi file: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\DLC_HEN_MT) to the original pc (where the installation didn´t work first) to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC. Start then the dlc.exe-file (which in my case was saved on a stick) and I couldn´t believe but it works (5 or 10 minutes to wait for the setup, but the task manager told me there´s something going on, so I was patient).

After searching in forums and google and just finding more people with this problem unsolved I thougt I should answer the question.

Sorry for my english. I hope it´s at least understandable and that this way works for others, too.

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