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Re: Bioware Points & Mass Effect 2 & 3

by Fred_vdp

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Bioware Points & Mass Effect 2 & 3

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This in regards to Mass Effect 2/3 DLC and Bioware points. It was brought to my attention that at the beginning of the year Bioware points were to be gotten rid of (this by EA support staff). This brings two issues into place.


1. The process of buying Bioware points is absolutely stupid. I do not want to purchase Bioware points simply to repurchase from the same store DLC. This redundancy makes no sense and has no place in any modern gaming community. I can understand the need to purchase cards for a third party store but this is now in the Origin store and needs to be dealt with. I don't have to repurchase other currency to buy my Steam games. This system is absolute idiocy and whoever thought that was even semi intelligent should lose their job. 


2. The game was freaking released in 2010! why is the DLC for a game this old costing as much as the release price more than the game costs now? This needs to be flagged as a major issue. Most of this DLC is pointless little addons anyways. However, the story driven DLC has a major impact and it is the equivalent to holding someone hostage to have the full story line. Either don't make DLC which has direct impact on the outcome of a story driven game or don't make it a clear point to hold the story at random. I have already purchased the damn games and all of their content on the PS3 and have enjoyed it. Now I am trying to see what I can make of it on PC (Especially due to the fact it was a poor port - could not even finish controller support even though literally all of the assets were included in the port anyway!)


I am making this a big deal. Many of EA's policies are flat out idiotic. I aim to make that change. I am documenting this entire post and every response. If it is not escalated I will be sharing the situation with social media and sharing it with the video game journalism industry. Enough voices should be able to even move EA's giant *.


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Re: Bioware Points & Mass Effect 2 & 3

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I'm rooting for you! You're actually doing something about this, unlike me because I'm too lazy :,)

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Re: Bioware Points & Mass Effect 2 & 3


While I agree that the points system is flawed and a DLC discount is long overdue, Answers HQ is the wrong forum to post this because it's community driven.


I don't think BioWare ever intended to retroactively get rid of the points system. They said, before Dragon Age Inquisition was released, that they wouldn't use this system for new games, and they kept that promise.


For feedback, visit

I don't work for EA.

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