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A rather specific issue

by Olion32

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A rather specific issue

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Honestly, I'm not sure if I can get any help with this problem, but I figured I'd try anyway.


So when Dragon Age 2 came out, I had preordered the special edition which came with all sorts of extra fun stuff, one of which being a download/redemption code for Mass Effect 2. Now, at the time, my PC was a bunch of poop and could hardly run the game at all. So after a lot of attempts at playing the game regularly, I gave up on it.


Skip a few years, and I really want to be able to play ME2 all the way through, as it's such a highly acclaimed game and I never really got the chance. I've also since sold my copy of Dragon Age 2 and the contents within and I'm not sure if any of the promo codes were in the case when I sold it back. Is there any way an EA representative or someone with a similar level of power could put that into my Origin account? I understand you probably wouldn't be able to do it off of good faith alone, but maybe there's something hanging around the Bioware sites that could prove my story. My account at least has all the DA2 DLC promos sitting there, so maybe that's a sign. I don't know. Thanks for any help!


(Also if I should be posting this/emailing this somewhere else, I'd appreciate some info)

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Re: A rather specific issue


Did you redeem the promo codes before selling the game? If not, you're out of luck.


To see all your DLC entitlements, follow this link:

I don't work for EA.

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Re: A rather specific issue

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Yeah, I had redeemed it previously. It doesn't show up on that list of entitlements which is odd. 

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