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"Uncharted Worlds" Musical Analysis

by Battlegun129

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"Uncharted Worlds" Musical Analysis

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Hi all! I wanted to breakdown the galaxy map theme for so long and I finally have the chance to do so. You will visually see how the song is put together and the different effects that were used to create a fantastic atmospheric song. Hope you enjoy watching!



How does this song still stand up after hundreds of hours of listening?


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Re: "Uncharted Worlds" Musical Analysis

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Hey @Battlegun129 


Thanks for sharing the video! It was pretty interesting to watch Standard smile I'll always have a huge sentiment to Mass Effect OST, especially to this particular track.



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Re: "Uncharted Worlds" Musical Analysis

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This is very informative. Thanks for including the midi file. I think I'm gonna have some fun with it next weekend. Standard smile


I really like Sam Hulick's work on this series, and as a beginning piano player I had a lot of fun teaching myself to play his ME3 track "I'm Proud of You", which you can watch him play on his YouTube channel.


He also has a breakdown of one of his ME3 tracks on YouTube, though not as in-depth as your video.


Small nitpick about the video: I think Sam Hulick's last name is pronounced YOU-lick instead of HUH-lick.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: "Uncharted Worlds" Musical Analysis

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@Battlegun129;  That.  Was.  Awesome!


The only thing that comes close (that I've encountered) was an detailed breakdown of Clint Mansell's "Leaving Earth" from ME3 that extolled the use of contrasting sustained piano chords and delicate individual notes to keep the listener's attention.  (I'd provide a link to that article but I failed to bookmark it and haven't been able to locate it again.)


Thanks for a great analysis!

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