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Re: Sound Problem

by EA_Ataashi

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Sound Problem

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There is no sound in the menu or in-game only during loading screens. What causes that?

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Re: Sound Problem


What platform? (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3)


Could you also give some more details about what sound device you're using? If you're on PC, a DxDiag file may be helpful.

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Re: Sound Problem

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PC and i attach the file.

I was looking for a solution on the forum but didn't found anything.

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Re: Sound Problem

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Could you tell us which version of the game you have? (e.g. Physical disc, Origin, Steam)

You could try to repair. In Origin, you right click the game and select the 'repair game' option. If you have Steam, it's called "Verify integrity of the game files."


If it's neither Origin or Steam, perhaps it helps to register your product key in Origin and download it from there.


Sound issues can also sometimes be solved by disabling all the audio devices you're not using from the Windows device manager.

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Re: Sound Problem

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Check an make sure your sound is working right if not try to Restat the system for PC it happens to me time to time an it fixes it an also make sure you have all volumes on an turned up
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Re: Sound Problem

Community Manager

Hey @XenailHUN


I just wanted to make sure that you've fixed the problem with sound? Or do you need any further assistance?




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