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[PC] How to enable surround sound and environmental audio in Mass Effect

by Fred_vdp

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[PC] How to enable surround sound and environmental audio in Mass Effect

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Mass Effect lacks surround sound on most hardware, and even if your hardware is supported, it requires tweaking a file to implement it. When applying this tweak, you get the following:


  • Surround sound
  • Environmental audio (e.g. echoes in the council chamber)

Note that this is only supported on a minority of sound cards. Supported hardware includes some cards in the Creative X-fi and Asus Xonar lineups. It may also work on onboard audio solutions on ASRock and Asus motherboards if you install X-Fi MB, which is premium software.


  1. Get into the game and enable hardware audio in the sound settings. Save these changes and exit the game.
  2. Locate BIOEngine.ini and make a backup. By default, this file is stored in Documents - BioWare - Mass Effect - Config. I suggest opening the ini file with Notepad++.
  3. Find the section called [ISACTAudio.ISACTAudioDevice].
  4. Change everything in this section so it looks like this:



Don't change any settings in-game, because it may override your ini file. If your hardware is supported, you will have 5.1 surround sound, possibly with environmental audio as well. Note that this can affect performance if your sound card uses software emulated EAX.

Creative Alchemy is NOT required to enable EAX.

I don't work for EA.

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