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Mass Effect DirectX error durign install

by Rizilliant

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Mass Effect DirectX error durign install

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Ive seen that this problem is persisting back almost a decade, and I bought the trilogy (again) yesterday for pc.. Trying to install, it gets to 100%, and then another stage, then to finalizing, and hits me with the DirectX error.. Im on Windows 10, as its 2019 and none o fthe previous help threads have a fix that works..

Ive  tried deleting all but the 3 files in one suggestion
Ive tried creating a new folder, and placing all but the 3 files into the new folder
ive done an Iobit powerful uninstall and tried again
Ive uninstalled, and reinstalled Origin
I followed some strange suggesting from EA where I click Windows + R to run some %AppDate% stuff
Ive unchecked the box to allow Origin in game overlay
Ive tried everything  can think of

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get this darn thing to install?!!??  All the trheads i see are many years old, and none of the suggestions are working!

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