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Re: Mass Effect Configuration Utility has stopped working?

by shepherd312

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Mass Effect Configuration Utility has stopped working?

★★ Newbie

I have reinstalled the game 3 times, installs fine but crashes with the error message Mass Effect Configuration Utility has stopped working. It then searches for a problem and forces me to close the program. 

A solution would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Mass Effect Configuration Utility has stopped working?

★★★ Expert

This is the AHQ.

This is for "player-to-player self-help".

We're all just fellow gamers, doin' the best we can...


You need "official" support from the EA Game Advisors.

This is not the place to get that.

You should use the Help Center.


After getting to the Help Center and filling out the required information, (Product/Problem/Platform)

look for the "Chat Now", "Call Now", or "Email Now" buttons, not the AHQ "Ask Now" one.  (You've already done that.)

The options you see may vary depending on your region and the time-of-day.

If you select "Chat Now" or "Call Now", be sure you have enough time (at least one hour) to wait before being connected to someone.  Confusedmileyfrustrated:

Good Luck! 

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Re: Mass Effect Configuration Utility has stopped working?

★★ Novice

I'm Having the same issue. Running PC version through Origin. I have a 5 year old workstation running Dual Xeon X5460 Quad core processors on an S5000XVNSASR Intel workstation board running Windows 7 SP1 64bit enterprise edition. Evga GTX 260. Creative XFI-Fatlity Sound card The configuration utility works fine. I just loaded my new server running Dual 8 core Xeon E5-2687W-V2 processors on a W2600CR2 Intel workstation board with Windows 7 Ultimate SP164bit. Evga GTX-760. Creative-Z Soundcard. The utility crashes on start up.. I've disabled the  UAC. Tried running in all other compatibility modes. Running directly from the EXE as administrator. Any suggestions?

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