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Mass Effect 1 not working on Windows 7 PC

by mattschtick

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Mass Effect 1 not working on Windows 7 PC

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Yesterday I downloaded Mass Effect 1 from Origin to my Windows 7 64bit PC. It would not play, it checked cloud data for a second then ...nothing. I have tried relaunching origin as administrator, I have tried WinXP compatibility (which gives a "ssleay32.dll" missing file warning). I have read on various forums that the problem might be with the product code. If I hover the mouse in Origin over Mass Effect in My Games and hit the information icon, there is no Product Code shown (all my other EA games do show a product code).

The poster who overcame this problem in this forum ( only succeeded after many long calls involving 3 tech guys and a total redownload of the game. I am hoping there is a Plan B. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 not working on Windows 7 PC

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BTW I have downloaded patch 1.02 but when I try to run it, it always gives me "Mass Effect not found, Please reinstall the game from the original source and try again" whether I have got Origin open as administrator or not. I have also tried these options with Cloud storage enabled and disabled. Other contributors have mentioned file  MassEffectLauncher.exe and I too do not appear to have this file in C/ Program Files (x86)/ Origin Games/ Mass Effect.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 not working on Windows 7 PC


Is Origin required to run the game? If not, I'd bypass Origin completely and go straight for the executable file. I got Dragon Age from Origin and I also don't use Origin for that.

I do not work for EA.

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