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Re: Mass Effect 1 missing save data

by ThandalNLyman

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Mass Effect 1 missing save data

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So as the title of this question tells you I have problem with my save data which is missing from my game files when I try to look for it in my Origin folders on my PC. I tried to contact EA Help Advisor and one by the name of Narendra P. came to help me. He or she tried to help me but it didn't work quite well and at the end I needed to go to my System Configuration and turn some programs one of which was my Windows Defender program and then restart my PC. After I restarted my PC lost internet connection and also the chat with Narendra P. I tried to contact EA Help again but this time it wanted me to call them but for that I needed phone number. Now this is where my second problem start. I don't have American or Canadian phone number to call them because I live in East Europe , more specifically Bulgaria and there's no possible way that I can contact them like this. Just so you know , all this happened between 23:30 - 01:45 in the morning and it was not great experience at all. Now I still need help and I don't know how to restore my save data files which are not in the Mass Effect 1 folder , but when I go into the game , they are still there. This is kind of big problem specially if I want to play with my Mass Effect 1 character in Mass Effect 2. Please help me. It would be great if I can fix this problem.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 missing save data

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@RedLotusEU;  Sorry the EA Game Advisor wasn't able to help.  (They aren't the best with BioWare games, especially the older ones...)


Basically, you just need to copy your ME1 save file to the location ME2 expects to find it.


Your ME1 saves are found here:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save


And ME2 wants to find something here:

C:\Users\[username]l\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1


Note: That's a sub-folder named "ME1" under the ME2 saves location.  If that folder doesn't exist, just create it before you copy your ME1 save there.  Angel


EDIT1: If you want, you can copy ALL of your ME1 saves there, but you only need the one you're going to import as the starting point for ME2.


EDIT2: Be aware that your ME2 Shepard will probably not look very much like your ME1 Shepard.  There are (complicated) ways to get closer, but they're a lot of work and still only approximate your original face.  Google is your friend. Wink

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