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Activation Limit Exceeded

by WarriorDrgnMage

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Activation Limit Exceeded

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When I installed ME 1 with BDtS DLC on my laptop I got this message what happens now?


"The activation limit has been reached. If you feel this message is in error please contact EA support."

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Re: Activation Limit Exceeded


The game has a limit of five installations. If you need more activations, contact official support and they can give you more. Alternatively, ask them if they could link your Mass Effect copy to an Origin account so you have unlimited downloads and installations.

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Re: Activation Limit Exceeded

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This does not appear to be true.  I believe I do have my ME linked through Origin, but still get this irritating message when I try to start the game through Origin.  I turned in a ticket to support back on 11/26/13 and have heard zilch, nada, nothing.  Not good from a quality company like EA.  Possibly you can get some help for me!


Origin name:  Zannos

Email: [edit: email address removed]


Thank you and Happy New Year!



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Re: Activation Limit Exceeded

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Sorry to hear about your problem.  Unfortunately there's nothing anyone here can do for you.
The AHQ is for "player-to-player" technical self-help and game-play discussions.
We're all just fellow gamers, doin' the best we can...


fredvdp is correct, both about the default limit on installs, and on the need for a Game Advisor to assist you.


As the NOTICE at the top-right of every forum says:

For any account maintenance, persona assistance or code related queries, please Contact our Games Advisors using the Help Center.

You have account/code issues.  

After getting to the Help Center and filling out the required information, (Product/Problem/Platform)
look for the "Chat Now", "Call Now", or "Email Now" buttons, not the AHQ "Ask Now" one.  (You've already done that.)
The options you see may vary depending on your region and the time-of-day.

If you select "Chat Now" or "Call Now", be sure you have enough time (at least one hour) to wait before being connected to someone.  Confusedmileyfrustrated:

Good Luck!

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Re: Activation Limit Exceeded

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LOL, i got this error at one point yesterday too. EA FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

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Re: Activation Limit Exceeded

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As the post above yours pointed out, the AHQ is a set of "player-to-player" forums.

SHOUTING at us won't accomplish much...

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