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Weakly funny 30v30 mode

by hahff

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Weakly funny 30v30 mode

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I suggest 2 game modes that rotate every weak not serious not competitive at all, but funny. To chill and get fun after being wrecked a several among of time (instead of log off or navigate in the menu to reduce frustration).

Obviously those modes are 30v30 or 20v20... whatever... It reduces stress to know that you have mate next to you and no have to carry on everything on your shoulders.


So the first mode i have in minde it is platform game:

2 platforms with 30 players on each, no one can leave his platform (fall).

Well, how to kill then? This is the funny part lol. Every single players has a "yellow" peacekeeper with "choke" and a "yellow" body armour and a helmet to not be os. Player can still be revived by mate (almost safely by hiding behind the players that is in the front) if not revived you have a second and last chance. During the second life you have a visual effec that let your team know that you have to be revived cause it's your last chance...

The 2 platforms should be really fare away to each other (because peacekeeper hurt xD) then with times (rounds) the distance is reduce 'till they reach each other and form 1 platform and if there's anything alive at this point players can invade in the enemy side and fight like crazy (in a big smoke maybe)


Then of course some mechanic could be added to balance this mode like:

if you get 100 or more damage on less than 3 sec your head has a 50% damage reduction for 5 sec... or something...

If your kill is secured you get some shild back and less for an assist

You can only stack 1 slot of munitions if you wast all you munn quick you have to wait the next drop in the behind (every minute or something)

... etcetera my ideas are very long and has so much detail I just can put everything in here.


This is one of 2 modes that i have in mind

Lets see what you guys think. And sorry English is not my main language

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