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by AhoyDrogon

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It needs to be reduced. I have faced off against pathfinders that are on top of inaccessable areas sniping because they can get that high without sliding off or know exactly how to slide and get wedged into impossible places. 


Verticality is great and everything but when you get on top of mountains with ease as pathfinder, it ruins the experience. 


Also...decrease the out of bounds timer to 15 seconds .people camp up there all there time to get cheeky kills .30 seconds is too damn much

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Re: Verticality..

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That's the whole point of Pathfinder.


Why don't you just pack more Grenades/Arc Stars for those kinds of situations?


What about taking Gibraltar as his Ulti will force anyone down or they be killed?


Why don't you select a Pathfinder on your team?


What about going up thieir zipline?


Just wait for the next zone to force them out of their camping/hiding spot?



Many options exists already, to counter this style of play, why should the whole map have to change because you find it difficult to deal with? (genuine question..I am curious). Standard smile



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