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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

by Itchy_The_Killah

Original Post

Vehicles, bots and more

★★★★ Novice

Some ideas for the maps:


1) Any map should have moving/usable vehicles which would make it more interesting and these will create hot spots.

2) Depending on weaponry it should be possible to destroy buildings and/or vehicles.

3) Dynamic weather or day/night cycling conditions (already said, but still, would be awesome). Night vision scopes/goggles as loot to be added.

4) AI Bots (termination squad) that would kill anybody to be dropped in crowded areas making it harder to survive. Should be between third and second to last circles.

5) Animals in the map that would bite you or give away your position and could be shot.

6) Tunnels!!

7) Drones for viewing from top for spectators (would increase twitch viewers).

8) Random traps which require your teammates to free you to continue or just let you die.

9) 1 basic weapon standard for every character which are all equally strong, so nobody starts without any weapon.

10) Dynamic changing of loot each round so high tier loot is not always on the same place.

11) Small map changes such as different positions of areas/houses/vehicles/loot. That way each round you have the same map but different.

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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

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★★★★ Novice

1) Vehicles are not a good idea.. this game is already very fast paced plus you have characters who make moving around the map even quicker.. I see no benefit only annoyance for the players.


2) Theres already little areas to use as cover if youre getting ambushed by 3 people. Having a team of 3 people with "destructive" weapons? How does that even seem fair?


3) Weather/daylight conditions changing would add a whole new perspective on the map and give it a fresh feel, dont think it should be as dark to add night vision, this isnt hide and seek after all.


4) AI Bots seem like a little too much.. often times you already are getting ran up on by a 3rd/4th team during your battles (especially against good teams and the battle takes awhile).. It would just be an annoyance especially after using your few heals on AI fire THEN having to face a FULL squad.


5) Imagine trying to battle a team and a dog randomly comes and bites you in the leg.. Plus are there really dogs in space/ fighting arens anyways? I think Assassins Creed sounds a little more your speed.


6) Agreed! 


7) It would be nice being able to spectate more than just the person you were killed by, especially when you know Dizzy is in your game and would love to watch him destroy the rest of the lobby.


8) This just doesnt sound too "Apex Legends" more of a "Deer Hunter 2000"


9) Definitely would love to start with a weapon especially since finding them can be incredibly rare...


10) Loot needs to be dropped more often, incredibly annoying running through a town and not finding weapons.. or multiple P2020s. Ammo for weapons not even in the town? how is that helpful?


11) Of course additional towns would always be fun, I seem to find myself in the desert (skull town/market) more than anywhere else. Especially since thats where 66% of the map lands and where we have the most fun. After that it just becomes a game of hide and seek. Vehicles? Still dont think that would be anything but an annoyance. The kill time in this game is already fast enough.. drive by shooting? Whole other level of frustrations, especially if vehicles have the same audio as everything else. Meaning you dont hear it until youre dead or lost 75% of your health 

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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

★★★ Guide
If everyone started with a weapon it would be a COD match and not a survival BR.
Getting killed by some random bot while fighting a opponent won't sit very well for anyone and neither would dying because you got stuck in a trap and your random teammates were too busy looting to see you getting executed by the other squad passing by. Seriously, consider what type of game this is before suggesting these things.

Dynamic weather and interactive entertainments would be amazing but idk if the servers could handle it. And as for tilesets this is one big map so that isn't possible I think (not a game dev so idk though).

Randomised high tier loot zones would be awesome and help make game's last a bit longer because half the lobby didn't die in Skulltown without weapons, hope that's something they consider.
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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

★★★★ Novice

I was just dropping ideas, thank you for your feedback on them, appreciated.


1) Vehicles:  good point, could be a future thing for even bigger maps though.

2) Not everything should be able to get blasted, but when you are in wooden buildings it would still be cool to have these catch fire, similar to the stationary vehicles.

3) it isn't hide and seek but in my experience it does look a lot like that sometimes ;-). But dynamic weather would still be something awesome.

4) Sometimes the battles take some time to begin and are over really quick. AI bots could be strategically dropped to force or change battles. But on the other hand it would indeed be annoying as well. Skip that one ;-)

5) Animals, it is not necessary they need to be able to bite, they could also be used to scare you or kill one and drop something. Too much Farcry i think.

6) yes, we agreed on something! ;-)

7) or have a drone hover over. But of course people using other ways to communicate could warn their team. A bit double feeling on this.

8) ok

9) something like a knife to start with so at least you have a bit of a chance when you are faced by opponents who just grabbed all weapons in front of you.

10 + 11 good points



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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

★ Apprentice

I'm going to disagree with most of what you would like.

1: I don't think Apex needs vehicles at all. The movement is to fun to mess with that.
2: Small cover or something okay, but anything that gets close to that very bad series Battlefield and Apex would die.There is a reason why Battlefield is not competitive.
3: I play apex on PC, i don't know how i would feel about weather. I would rather more done about cheaters than anything.
4: No, Apex ever adds bots to online PVP, i'mn out 100%. I don't play on PC so some Aim bot can shoot at me with some script. I like shooter real people. They dare add snything close to Titan Fail, it would be a very bad day. 
5: I don't care anyway for animals in Apex. I look at it like a waste of time. More weapons on updates should be the focus.
6: Tunnels?
7: I'm losing you
8: No, just no
9: No, please no. Game is RNG. Do you understand with that, than anyone with basic shooter skills on PC with 100+ FPS would mostly always win the starting fights.
10: I kind of like knowing the loot zones, You can judge what some might have when they leaving.

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Re: Vehicles, bots and more

★★★★ Newbie

I agree 100%. The game is a success because it isn't following the norm. Don't mess with the formula when you've achieved gold. 

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