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Re: Unfair ring at the end, got my team killed.

by IAmTheMeddler

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Re: Unfair ring at the end, got my team killed.

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@Kaparroides You can climb that mountain at the begining - just to the right of where you tried. Or use Jumppad.

That's a sucky way to go, but there are plenty of climb mechanics and movement abilites like Pathfinder's grapple and Octane's jumppad to let you overcome difficulties like that, and sometimes you just get horribly unlucky.

Sorry you had to have such an unfortunate and unsatisfying game!
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Map height advantage is not designed fairly.

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Over by Slum Lake, there is a long ridge. This ridge is WAY too high off the ground. If the zone ends there, I never win the game. The enemy team is either invulnerable up there. Make it shorter. Same goes for New Bridges. Why is there MORE elevation? This area is cancer and I actively try to avoid it if I can. It was unfun before, but now it's just stupid.

I really enjoy Airbase, Bunker, Water Treatment, and the area just east of Bunker. I hate going to Swamps, Repulsor, Artillery, cascades, slum lake, skull town, runoff. Most of these because of elevation issues.


Just my thoughts. I don't reflect the majority of the player base obviously. Just giving my two cents. :D

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Re: Map height advantage is not designed fairly.

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Meh, the circle is the ultimate'll happily wipe you and you can't return the favour. There is no favouritism with it so it isn't a matter of fairness.


If you're finding yourself struggling with it try using pathfinder? Survey beacons make the world of difference when trying to find good positioning.

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Re: Unfair ring at the end, got my team killed.

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@Kaparroides Should've played for high ground. You have to be tactical with your decision making.
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