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Re: Trenches

by Subtle_Tactics

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I think the area South/South West of Wetlands could do with a little redecoration. It is mostly open ground. My suggestion is there could be a maze of trenches in the ground. This would be an ideal location to place Caustic traps and perimeter fences. 

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Re: Trenches

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I thought a cool mini bunker and maybe your idea of trenches would make it a viable location to land in.

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Re: Trenches

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There could be a few mini bunkers. You would have to run through the trenches to get from one bunker to the next. 

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Re: Trenches

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@PJBurrows1991 I think that would be really cool, it could be a new named location, maybe call it Firebase Echo, or Firebase Zulu.
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Re: Trenches

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@PJBurrows1991 Yeah I also don't even hate the idea of KC having an area that is underground added.
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Re: Trenches

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This wouldn’t be underground. The bunkers I speak of would be above ground with only a door or two and long windows to shoot out of. Kind of like the bunkers they had at the beaches of Normandy in WW2.  

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