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Transfer kill feed & player info from HUD to in-game posters/projections

by Its_Zempai

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Transfer kill feed & player info from HUD to in-game posters/projections

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   I suggest completely removing the kill feed and remaining player info from the player HUD, and transferring them to giant posters in-game like, the ones displaying the champion squad, for two main reasons.

   1. "3rd-party" killing is natural in BR's. The problem in Apex lies with too much info being displayed, and it is displayed IN REAL-TIME! You can be away from a fight, all the way across the map, and still figure out who is killing who and with what weapon. If perchance one player floods the kill-feed with multi-kills, then it is likely that said player would be quite skilled and should be the priority kill within that squad. Identifying a certain player within a squad can be a hit-or-miss, but it IS possible by identifying their weapon by sound.

   Knowing the enemy's weapon is also a problem because it allows for others to strategize their approach (mainly when there's only a few squads left to worry about). For example: There are 3 squads left and one squad took out the other squad with a mastiff/kraber. The last remaining squad would likely adapt their approach to an engagement if their enemy is likely skillfully wielding a mastiff/kraber/longbow. This info is still available by sight and/or sound as long as a player is within relative proximity. The issue is the ability to know who is killing who, with what weapon, in real-time, possibly inside a building you have no vision of (at least inside the building), while spectating from a relatively safe distance. Without the kill feed, you wouldn't know what's happening unless you actually witness it, as opposed to knowing everything while you hide at a safe distance behind a wall that provides no vision.

   2. Posting the kill-feed and remaining-player info onto the in-game posters adds to the "Hunger Games" theme of the game, like when the announcer informs you that the kill-leader has been eliminated, projected through speakers from buildings. Having real-time info is a huge advantage and should carry an equivalent risk with it. If the posters are placed in open areas, or are only view-able from certain angles or positions that expose them to danger, then it would arguably be a fair trade of risk and reward. This would add a necessary depth required for "3rd-party" strategies without it being too easy or "cheesy."

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