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Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

by Toepeka

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

★ Apprentice

I'd lvoe it if there were a couple different ranges you could practice on that had the legends as targets instead of the current targets. I'd make one range with legends at different ranges without armour, another with legends at different ranges with armour, and a third with legends with and without armour that move. I'd like all the guns currently in the game, infinite ammo, and all the attachments presently in the game. As others have suggested, beign able to pick your legend and have some sort of training area to test them would be lovely too.


A full scale battlefield with realistic loot spawn, AI enemies, etc is unrealistic; that stuff takes resources and servers to run and training maps aren't the priority. But being able to test the weapons, attachments, legends, and warm up your aiming/movement would be very, very nice. I'd love to be able to practice some of my mechanics with the legends without having to be in a real game - like Pathfinder grappling - or see the ranges of different ultimates by testing them, without having to wait minutes to get them in an actual game to waste it instantly. I'd also love to be able to see how the new hop-ups perform myself, and it can be dificult to find or use them in an actual game.


Overall, I agree with what people here have suggested for the most part. I'd like to see a warm-up mode, or training mode actually be useful for more than first-timers, it'd be really nice to be able to play around and practice a bit more without having to try and do so in an actual game where you've got a million other things to worry about too. I also think it'd help with people finding interesting and useful mechanics if they could just go straight to testing, without having to worry about the zone or other people interfering.

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Multiplayer Training Ground???

★★ Newbie

I think the training ground would be more useful if your whole squad could go in and practice shooting each other

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Re: Multiplayer Training Ground???

★★ Guide

It would be such a MASSIVE quality of life addition if we could just go into the main map with our squad, drop and land on a game where all the loot spawns as it normally would with us being able to turn the ring off/on.


For one thing it would mean that we could make recordings and totally disprove this "I ran through 30 buildings and only found 2 grenades" stuff :D

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Well.....only been 6 months since any kind of suggestion has been brought forward, and 6 months of silence from EA/ to say ain't nothing happening here......

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Be nice to take a full team to the training mode to practice working together and to develop skills that comes from a team. Respawn's goal with this game is team based. Why not strengthen your skills with the squad?


Even if you don't have anyone to go with, the game could still give you bots.

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Re: Idea for Training.

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To be completely honest... I dont shoot any of the targets in game other than to look at damage numbers.


I shoot bloodhound. Seriously.


He makes the bloodsplatter and the hitting sound effects.

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Dude I have a few suggestions for this!


1. We should be able to select which character we take into training mode.


2. Close to the weapon bins add bins for attachments and sights. 


3. The targets are fine.


4. I wonder if its possible to have a mode in training called Aim that Target (where random legends spawn in random locations) and also another mode called speed round (Targets appear in chosen speed mode) And finally a mode called Bots shoot back brah (Same concept with random targets but of course they shoot back)


5. Or if possible to add a small map and do TDM with bots and user controlled settings?


I truly believe this would help novice E-Athletes


I hope this helps or maybe considered. 



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