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Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

by Toepeka

Original Post

Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Hi there! Absolutely loving the game, so here is my 2 cents on the training mode as i currently still use csgo training maps too warm up but the recoil and spray patterns are different so i would prefer to use this one hehe.


- The training mode is a great idea however i would LOVE to be able to skip the first part and go straight to the gun range

- Being able to select which legend i use in the training mode whether it be selecting them before entering the mode or have a legend selector in the training mode.

- Different kinds of training modes such as "Movement training (Agility course?) Weapons training (Gun range and grenade indicator range) Awareness training (Bots shoot from afar and you need to spot where they come from)

- Being able to play against some bots in a small area, even 1 bot that moves faster and has the same hit boxes as the legends so you can practice your shooting more accurately on similar targets.

- Being able to create and share your own training maps (Kinda like a steam workshop thing)


These are just off the top of my head but again only suggestions that hopefully a good idea may sprout from :3

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proper training map

★★★★ Novice

can we have a "proper training map" to shoot at models of real targets  and test the abilities of all the legends ?


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Re: proper training map

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I agree, we need something like that in the upcoming updates.
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New Training NPCs

★★ Newbie

While in training I always shoot the targets but it does not feel right since that not what im actually shooting in the game. I feel like it would help the players more if they put different character NPCs into the training area that we could practice shooting. The NPCs could stand still until we shot a target that acts like a switch to make them move then when we shot the target again they would all return to their normal positions on the map. This would be a fun and different training ground from other games.

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Re: New Training NPCs

★ Apprentice

a better training range would be great, even one u dont have to do the basics movement steps to get to the weapons...

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Re: proper training map

★★ Novice

In the training map level design there should be:

  • Exact recreation of real world loot RNG
  • Highlighted Areas on the map/mini-map labeled with their loot type (high tier loot etc.)
  • Random Enemy Bot Team in high tier loot areas.
  • Difficulty Settings before entering the match.
  • Selection of Legend
  • Preferred Gear Selection Screen (highlighted areas where that loot would be easier to find)
  • Jump Master Guides Options
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i need more learn about Legend, and try skill abilities of them 

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Yeah I agree, it's getting pretty boring now.

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Yea same.. had hope I could play on the main map but had to train on ,Training Map, which is very sad :P
Would love to try all the set ups for weapons, jumps, where how etc climb, legends etc so the main map for training would be rly awesome!!!

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Idea for Training.

★★★★ Novice

In the start of the game you go through the short training sort of mission, but i have been using the training to practice with the weapons. I would love to see the game implement the attachments   in to the the training. You could make it so that once you finish the training once you don't have to go through the basic movement training or anything like that you can just test out all of the items in the game. I would love to see this in the game.

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