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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

by ShowMeUrDeathBox

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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I agree with every point above, but would be happy with Legends select and customizable weapons to start.

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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I agree with all that is said above. 
As i mentioned in my post and brought back here by Blueberry, 
Would love that if you could enter the game as a death match vs a friend of yours, where dying will just re-spawn you instantly.
That way friends could train together both of aiming on targets and of movements dodging while getting shot, all combat in a training mode without any points of kills count. pure training purpose.

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Need running targets.Targets too slow.
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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Hmm, actually TitanFall 2 provides an excellent example for a training course, as it allows for very different approaches, has time pressure and pushes the player towards improvement by having the leaderboard. 


I'd focus the training on looting, shooting, healing and reviving, all done with the added pressure of an energy wall coming from behind. The course could have some fixed or moving turrets, areas with bombardments, gas cans or artillery attacks and downed dummies that need to be revived or respawned, if they die . Crates containing higher tier loot would be less easy to reach, requiring the player to open doors, jump or climb obstacles, move uphill,  maybe even use ziplines  baloon jumps. Using higher tier parts would allow the player to shoot down fixed and moving targets faster.  Some targets should be close, others further away, to make the choice for weapons important. Overall score would be affected by targets downed, damage received, upgrades tier, number of dummies revived, finish time.


A team version for this could also work, with much more and stronger turrets that can only be disabled by hitting them, interacting with a switch or by grenade blasts. A member of the team would have to shoot or run in the line of fire of a turret, to distract it while the others flank it or move close enough to disable / destroy it.


Of course, this would have to come together with a leaderboard, but also with some radial graphs that show the player how much of a looter, shooter, saviour and survivor he is.

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Training with friends.

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So just a thought, wanted to see what other people thought as well, but I think the game would benefit from allowing friends to enter training together and fight one another to help get recoil patterns and reload times down. I know the point of the game is to jump, die, try again, but I think it would be fun and helpful for the newer players that your veteran players are bringing to the game. What does everyone think about something like this? Pros? *?

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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That’s a good idea! Me and my friends have also discussed new future updates to the training area. 

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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Yea I would love to be able to bring in my friends into the training arena I have a lot of new players I bring into the game that I would like a quick tutorial to show them the guns and movements.

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Re: Training Mode Improvements (Suggestions)

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pssst! EA! learn and copy from overwatch ur welcome *wink wink*

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Add testing/warmup mode with bots

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There’s an issue on apex legends especially on console where it’s extremely hard to get a sensitivity that’s right for you with the custom aim control settings because there’s no way to test other than casual game where you find an average of 10 people per game which takes ages to test a sensitivity. Training mode doesn’t help because the targets don’t have player hit boxes and most importantly they don’t have aim assist so you’re testing your aim on something that won’t even be remotely similar to what you’ll be shooting at in game. It would also help to warmup your shot for competitive, try out weapon synergies and basically to test everything. All I’m asking for is an empty room with moving mannequins that have aim assist on them so we can test things on the game. This feature should be in every shooter game and should have been in this game since launch. You guys added a fantastic way to customize your aim controls to suit each player and no way to test it, At least on console.

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Training Mode Adjustment

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I'm pretty sure that if you split Training Mode into 2 different modes:


1-Tutorial Mode: this is the mode where you learn the basics of the game and how to play it


2-Training Mode: this is where you can train with all the guns instantly. However, in this mode you are able to access all attachments in the game as it's lacking in the current training mode



I hope you see my idea and think about since it's something that the community really needs.

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