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Town Takeover Concept : Revenant

by JashPlayz

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Town Takeover Concept : Revenant

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Abandoned Hammond Robotics Base

A place that Revenant infiltrated and wiped out. All that is left is darkness and dead/broken robots across the whole base. Upon walking inside the player sees broken circuits, and multiple rooms. At the end of the hallway there a shadow hand and if interacted with then all players on the team that enter become shadow monsters and can rush around the base as it fills with Dark Smoke that almost blinds the player. Once killed they respawn at the hand and the Mist disapears. The hand can only be used once per team.

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Re: Town Takeover Concept : Revenant

★★ Guide

Aw now that's a cool idea! I like the visual concept you've created; I could definitely see the robot corpses and dark tattered hallways in my mind. I also really like the idea of adding actual mechanics into the area too. Seeing all the mist flood out would be pretty horrific. I like the loud deep sound effects at Bloodhound's Trial's, and this kinda made me think of that.

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