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Thunder Dome Area needs a rework

by Leo_the_Lion25

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Thunder Dome Area needs a rework

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Okay, I'm sick of people trying to camp there on the high ground for a win. I had a very good game practicing the G7 with R-99 as my secondary. I used to hate the G7 but found out from streamers that the weapon is meant to be used at long to mid range and not close range. So keep a secondary gun for close ranged fights. He was right and I got 5 kills then headed to the Thunder Dome where we found the last squad. 


We rushed in thinking it was only 2 people (there's three people, the Wraith was hiding until they had no choice to come out after i killed her friends) but discovered a caustic simply gas canister the place at the top. Now we can't get them. 


I told my team to simply wait it out because at the end of the day. The people camping up there are just bad players who do nothing but camp/wait for loot. They had level 2 blue armor so we a the advantage as long as we wait. 


Round 5, oh boy how fast I killed them as soon as they lost their high ground. GG.


Long story short, change the Thunder Dome. People shouldn't be camping up there with no safe wait to go get them. 


It true that high ground has it advantages. But other places in the game aren't like that area. Even the skull in Skulltown has ways to get to and attack the people on the Skulls. 


But Thunder Dome has ZERO ways to get to them. Like I said, all you can do is play the waiting game and finish the campers when they come down. 


And YES. I know that the Map will be changing in Season 2. However, we don't know what's changing. If Thunder Dome ain't changed at all. You need to go back and fix it please. 


That's all I wanted to share. 


And my god G7 is a good gun!!! I don't know why I hated it. Give it a chance people.

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Re: Thunder Dome Area needs a rework

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The G7 is underrated. Once you lock down the aim on, it's an amazing medium to long range rifle. 

Have you had 3 players on your team all use it at once? Standard smile

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Re: Thunder Dome Area needs a rework

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Try keeping a few nades handy, go halfway up the rope if necessary and throw a few to scatter them while your team flanks, nearly impossible without a mic though unless you're lucky with the teammate lottery
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Re: Thunder Dome Area needs a rework

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I could not disagree more.


There are three ropes into the upper cage, and if you have a pathfinder, you can zipline to the roof and murder everyone inside. Unlike most buildings you can also throw grenades in through every wall.


If a caustic had time to get in there and put traps on all the normal ways in, in positions where they could not be destroyed from any angle, then props to him—he did his one job. Which he could also do in literally any other building too.


So, there is no reason to change the layout. It’s fine.

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