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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

by AyothaKAT

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Remove tunnel in swamps

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Me and my squad made it to second place and had about 17-20 kills together and the circle closed down there all the way and bc the tunnel was underneath us we died and the person was sitting under there healing with a drone and Medkits and to make things worse he had 1 kill, so with that being said I hope you guys can remove the tunnel bc we lost to a guy camping under there

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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

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I actually did this to another team, the circle had me caught inside and had no way to reach above ground and give the team that had the advantage over me the victory they actually deserved.

A good solution to this would just be a pathway/stairs leading from the crate in the tunnel connecting it above ground then this problem would be pretty much solved.

I've seen this happen in multiple areas of the swamp by watching lots of streams as well. This could be easily fixable just by connecting pathways from above ground to underground as mentioned. Standard smile

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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

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Seems like you were not paying attention to where the circle was going until too late. Kind of your fault

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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

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This is a you kind of problem. I know it sucks man.
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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

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Nothing wrong with that. The guy under the tunnel had a great play to win the game as a lone wolf. Pretty fair
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Re: Remove tunnel in swamps

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sadly, thats called map awareness. a thing most fps players don't know about.... the more IQ you have the more you are able to be AWARE of your surroundings, to mee it kinda sounds like you are just crying over a loss?
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