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Re: Please respawn

by Subtle_Tactics

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Please respawn

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Please make new maps for this game this map feels pretty much the same as last season I love the gunplay in this game but 1 map over and over is eventually going to get me to move on and I understand it is probably 3 months away at the very least but please announce you are moving away from the fornite model and going closer to the pubg model thanks respawn for the game 

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Re: Please respawn

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Any type of map setting you'd love to see added?


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Re: Please respawn

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@EA_Blueberry wouldn't mind seeing a tropical island full of destructible banana trees and a big volcano in the middle that spews out big balls of fire that instakills anyone that's stationary for more than 30 seconds, hate campers and afk'ers
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Re: Please respawn

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@EA_Blueberry A snow map would be awesome.
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Re: Please respawn

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@EA_Blueberry that octane loading screen seems cool and had me thinking of some sort of city based map, maybe were they came from, they decide to bring the fight there.
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Re: Please respawn

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How about a concrete jungle type? Fallen city? Chernobyl?


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Re: Please respawn

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@EA_Blueberry Angel city.
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Re: Please respawn

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@EA_Blueberry a cool locale could be like a flying city. Large urban gardens (zoo?), factories, maybe something like a barracks, and an airstrip, then also something of an bridge and operations for the city. Maybe even add some lower vertically with an engineering level below and access points around the map, or at least plenty of creative pipes, bridges, and ziplines to allow teams to move around without being on the ground floor. Then sky bridges, taller buildings, and anything else you can dream up.
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