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Re: Pit area

by Anlbrd

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Pit area

★ Apprentice

Can y’all make it to where when someone wants to land at pit that the area above doesn’t slow down the sky dive? So sick of trying to land there n it being messed up..... I’m never anywhere close to touching land and it always slows me down drastically. It’s annoying and makes it a completely useless “named area” for landing

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Re: Pit area

★★★★ Guide
@DgkAllDay09 A work-around for this mate is that if you bang into the side of the cliffs/structure at the top, it will send you into a free-fall rather than completing the dive animation.
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Re: Pit area

@DgkAllDay09  or just break off solo and guide yourself in properly. Tongue out

Assuming you're not the jumpmaster anyway.


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