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Olympus Map Concept

by JashPlayz

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Olympus Map Concept

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I'd really like a map with the "breath of Life", if you know what I mean? Something that's got various locales and geography; So that, when you enter a new area, you think, "Oh, this is it's own little part of the world". I really like trees and foliage too (sounds generic- I know.) 

World's Edge gave the developers and the players a chance to test out and experience more Long-range battles, but me- (Personally), I like having less space between areas. Ofcourse, it's good to have those areas with less traffic, -After all, I'm the one who travels those lonely paths the most! Like that one path between Hydro Dam and Repulsor. That area that's all~ the way by the edge of the map. I like that there's a little ramp there for players- despite having less traffic.


All the little details mean a lot. I remember seeing- what I at first thought- were Nox canisters buried in the ground by Water Treatment. (They were just random cans though, probably) In World's Edge, there's nice detail too. But there are those areas, like West of Skyhook, or South-East of Refinery that really don't have anything going on... I assumed those areas were gonna be utilized for... "new developments" perhaps...? I don't know, maybe- we'll have to wait and see.

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