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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

by HeroEightyTwo

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Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

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The gauntlet in itself i have no problem with. It's just another area. But tying it to challenges was grade A uninhibited stupidity. Did you honestly think the rest of the server was going to see someone running the gauntlet and think oh ok he's just running the gauntlet i'll leave him be. NO.

I look passed the greed you've displayed this event. After all anyone with half a brain cell wouldn't pay those loot box prices for skins. But this directly effects a persons gameplay, i can't substitute it for another challenge. It's not a daily. It's a total loss of of a loot box/experience.

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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

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@HeroEightyTwo Problem is that the first quest is to run the gauntlet (slide down one ramp onto the jump pad which will launch you through the ring of fire, incase you didn't know), while the second quest is to get 5 kills there, so basically the players that drop there both have challenges to complete but the second group has no option to kill anyone they can find because the kills has to be in that area, and if you're running around unarmed then you're a big target.
I suggest waiting for the players there to move on before going for the ring of fire challenge, just find a armour from somewhere else and camp out of sight till it's quiet there, also it's easier in solo queue
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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

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It kind of amplifies my point. Here's a challenge which is made impossible because of the original nature of the game. You don't need a mission to kill people there as the original point is too kill everyone else anyway. So how are you supposed to get it done? Avoid players for fear of dying before you can complete it? Or just keep dying a thousand times until you luck out and land there alone? Defeats the reason you're playing the game.



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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

Community Manager

@HeroEightyTwo Hey, you can usually get to a relatively empty gauntlet on games where the dropship doesn't go near it/or flies  over it as it exits the map. You can also drop Airbase or Thunderdome and rotate through once you loot up. 

On the other hand, games where the dropship enters over the Gauntlet you can try jump in and enjoy the chaos,but as noted, it's going to be nuts down there.

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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

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@HeroEightyTwo The challenge was fairly easy. It took me Basketball drops to complete. 1st one I died, second one I got a shield (only went through one jump pad in the middle where the ring of fire is) and ran away as fast as possible since there were 40 other ppl landing there and the 3rd time to get my 5 kills. All in all. It was a very easy challenge.
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Re: Octane's Gauntlet challenge was a stupid idea

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The armour one was easy tbh.

The gauntlet kills was a little tougher due to the sheer number of people there making it hard to grab a weapon.


Simple solution is to drop just south of gauntlet and grab a weapon/armour should RNG not deny you and then run in for the kills. The kills don't have to be done in one game so it's not really a difficult task. 

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