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by JashPlayz

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Lifeline's Family Operation Center

A tall skyscraper with a grand entrance (Lot's of technology), Proximity opening doors, Locker rooms with Lockers filled with loot (Interact with the lockers to have loot burst out of it), Weapons on dead soldiers (They worked for Lifeline's family business), at the end of the MASSIVE room there is an elevator if the players get inside and interact with it they go up 20 floors to the very top room. There will be a Map on the right wall that is interactable once per team and will reveal player locations (Similar to Crypto's Map Room). On the left there will be an interactable screen with a Bounty Database. When used The Kill Leader's location will be revealed to EVERYONE in the server but can only be used ONCE PER GAME. At the front of the room there will be a big window which will have a shelf. On the shelf there will be an interactable phone. When used it will show a voice recording of Lifeline arguing with her parents. At the middle of the room there will be a table with a map showing where shots are being fired.

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