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Re: New Maps?

by realy-bad-1

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New Maps?

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I was wondering, will there be new maps in Apex Legends? It would be awesome if Apex Legends could add new maps or change the canyon map depending on the season with new environments. Like winter being full of snow or spring/summer being full of tropical/forest environments. This way, people can find uses in switching between camo's and enjoying the different styles of play for each environment.

I personally love snow maps. Maps filled with winter environments have always been the most fun for me to play, hide, hunt, and so on, in almost every game I've played. Seeing some snow action in this game would be fantastic!

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Re: New Maps?

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Im sure that in the future they will add new maps to apex but I mean the game just dropped and if anything they will add more to this map and fix bugs before even thinking of a new map to create from the devs
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Re: New Maps?

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I'm down with a snow map! Tracking footprints as not Bloodhound, yeah!
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Re: New Maps?

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i was about to make the topic regarding to this .  


king slayer map is good, but it would be great if there is new map . anyhow there will be no NEW map THIS year , if u ever saw those year 1 planning of this game. But there will be new weapons + legends  + loots  + skins . 


i really wish n hope , the new map will have more cities like areas , like close combat areas , more huge buildings, solid houses ( not like those wooden houses in king slayer).



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