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NPC Monsters - Edge out other Battle Royales

by BeAr_UNO

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NPC Monsters - Edge out other Battle Royales

★★★★ Newbie

APEX LEGENDS - an amazing and very well made game, its awesome to see how popular its becoime!


Triple A Games = A lot are coming out in the last 3 months of 2019 --

Gamers are fickle we are also intelligent and need fresh things to fuel the fires inside our minds

APEX needs to continue adding content and holding our attention!




I think it would be very awesome (also unheard of) to have NPC monsters, you have them in TITANFALL = PROWLERS

These monsters could:


a) Only appear outside the ring, in the damaging area, so if you get stuck there then theres added dangers!


b) Could be the Prowlers work in a pack and hunt players NEAR the edge of the ring, designed to target those people who try to camp for people running away from the encroaching ring.



This could be very cool and add to game balance by making people think twice about camping the edge of the ring, they can for sure still camp it but they must be prepared to fight monsters!!


You could also design it so that it takes 3 members of a squad to take out these Prowler groups, thereby forcing squads to stick closer together which would be good for players who don't go in with a 3 man squad - further game balance.  



If you successfully kill a prowler pack then they could drop armour or other random loot BUT they must be tough and hard to kill!



Your squad gets ambushed by other players, you under heavy fire and outclassed, suddenly the prowler pack attacs the squad attacking you and gives you a gap to retaliate, other squads hear gunfire = HUGE CHARLIE FOXTROT ensues!




Just imagine how many mad thigs could happy with some NPC monsters, yes its a battle royale but why not have it in a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT.  You could even put in some plants that release NOX gas and mark up anyone in the gas!  


JUST GO WILD!!  Make this thing super unique!


If the NPC monsters bug you simply stay away from the edge of the ring.  You could aslo make it so the NPC monsters sniff out campers!

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