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Re: More consistent invisible wall 'shoot-through-ability'

by EA_David

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More consistent invisible wall 'shoot-through-ability'

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Much of the map is highly accurate with its bullet pathing through geometry (e.g. the small house-like buildings are excellent).


However there are other parts of the map that need attention; the ceilings of the glass corridors in water treatment, and a number of the pipe prefabs found on some building roofs.


Both have large sections you can clearly see through, but inexplicably block bullets.

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Re: More consistent invisible wall 'shoot-through-ability'

★★★ Apprentice
I'd hazard a guess that geometry is generally accurate enough that to get traction on the exceptions, we probably need more specific examples, screenshots, etc.
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Re: More consistent invisible wall 'shoot-through-ability'

Community Manager

@TheJumpingJawa  Hey, please post any examples you have to the Bug Report section:


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