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Re: Maps That Require Better Team Work

by EmpressJingu

Original Post

Maps That Require Better Team Work

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Hello EA!


I know there are a lot of people making great feedback suggestions, I just hope this is one of them too.


I'm not sure still how I feel about the map in Apex, but much of it does not seem to inspire players to work better through team work.


Rarely have I been in fights with people at my side or back, I have found myself most of the game play time in Apex standing alone fighting with team mates off in the distance... Ok I don't always blame the map on poor team play, some players just don't seem to understand the Art of War!


I wonder if a different map style would force players into better team work...


I constantly deal with players running all over the map leaving people behind, which makes me think, maybe no matter the map, this is always going to be the situation, or is it.


However anyone looks at the subject of Team Play & Map Design, I wonder what people think of this map in this regard, if they all think it's a very effective map design for team play?


I'm still not convinced if this is a good map for team play.


Maybe when we consider it, it's because of the "Speed" at which the Legends can run, that creates this problem, which at times I really believe might be the major issue here.


While it is fun to move fast, I see how it kills game play with people running off from others too, I see this speed at times as either a blessing or a curse...




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Re: Maps That Require Better Team Work

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A fellow Sun Tzu admirer, I see. Standard smile


Tactical play on PC is alive & well, but you're right, playing with randoms makes it hard to coordinate well with your team.


A good way to make it just that little bit easier is to establish early communcation with your team: (a simple "hello/hi" during the Legend picking phase can make all the difference).


Or play with a regular squad using Discord or something, that way you can complement each others' strengths and even out your weaknesses.


As you say (and I agree), the fast-paced nature of this game makes it hard to coordinate for effective teamwork; however good communication is the foundation of good teamwork. Next comes understanding your Legends and their roles within the team. 

A good frontline is Wraith or Bangalore.

A good backup/support is Octane/Bloodhound.

A good flanker is Caustic/Bangalore too/Lifeline, etc..


Pathfinder is one of the few that can fit in any category, as a frontline/backup or support/flanker, IMO.


One thing you do have working for you, when it comes to teamplay, is the longer TTK (time to kill) compared to other games).


Meaning you're just that little more likely to last a little longer, for your teammates to join the fight.


But in all honesty, nothing works better than having the right kind of team some players' movements/looting patterns/playstyles simply 'click' together so when a fight is on, they're right there with you.


This can also work against you too, if you're incompatible playstyles conflict.


You say, as an example, you're fighting alone, and your teammates are far away - is this because you ran off to loot a side area while your teammates when in an opposite direction (or are lagging behind, still looting the same area you initially dropped) ?


Try waiting for them a bit, if you're the aggressive one, or ask one of them to slow down if they are too aggressive and you're struggling to keep up with them.


Also, it's always a good idea to remind your teammates where other players have dropped initally, as having that kind of 'map awareness' can absolutely win you games.


Say you drop Run-Off and you saw 1 team land in Slum Town, they will probs rotate to you so once you've looted Run-off, you should immediatley expect them to have finished looting their area & so you should already be regrouping before you move to a new location together.


Little things like that make all the difference.


Sure, the map can be designed better to encourage teamplay, but EA/Respawn can only guide players so far in the 'teamwork' aspect of the game, the rest has to come from you or your team, and you should all, each of you, compromise every now & then.


Like waiting for your teammates to finish looting before moving to a new location, I know you probably could've had all the loot in that new location for yourself, but you could also come across a team and end up dying cuz of a 3v1 situation, before your teammates arrive.


Also, deciding when you are done looting & purely going into a 'hunting' mode is crucial in the mid to late game stages, as this is when you're most likely to get caught out by purple shield wearing foes..


Just a few tips..hope they help you & others get those wins.


If you're interested in some strong teamplay & robust tactical decision making (under pressure)...DM me for discord details.


We've a small group of friends who have a minimum of a couple hundred hours each in APEX (and many, many wins..)



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Re: Maps That Require Better Team Work

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I understand all of what you are saying, I should of just said that there are Map styles that can be created to force teams into playing together, that there is no getting to the other side unless you are all together fighting as one.


So, I should of better worded my post to not look like I was making it for help, but suggesting that it would be nice to see Respawn create Maps that foster better team play.


Granted there are some sections of the map that when you meet up with other teams that work this way and others not so well.


The Map has a lot of wide open space that can easily break up the team work if you're not careful.

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