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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

by Anlbrd

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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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Agreed, yet everyone says that it's just part of the game now. Watch how quickly the game dies out if it stays this way.
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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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Yea I agree this is a problem. When you are fighting or just finished a fight and another squad is on top of you giving you no chance to heal and even the odds. I think it would be a good idea to try a patch for a while where once you wipe a squad your squad is awarded 50 HP each. This would apply to base health or shield health and downed players would still need to be revived, but could be brought up with 75% health instead of 25% or whatever it is now. I believe this would give teams a slightly better chance to fight the next squad. I don't think it would change any balancing issues because the team would be back at full health anyway given another 30 seconds. 


I enjoy this game, but when I 3rd party (which is essential to winning now) I feel its pretty lame when only 1 guy is left with a 1 shot and now I have 2 full teams loot bins without doing any work. 


If sound was quieter of the map was made bigger it would just slow down the game and make it very hard to find people. I just think there should be some boost for wiping a squad so that you could survive.

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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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@sloppymac0123 How would it work though if someone arrives to 3p and they get the last hit on the guys you were fighting? Your 3p now have had a (probably redundant) hp buff and you're in the same situation.

3p is just part of the game and anything that could 'fix' it would stop the game from being played fluidly.
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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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Looking at the Season 2 patch notes, I think they're going to be tackling these issues a bit. New buffs and hop-ups seem to be aiming to lower the time-to-kill, making fights take less time and reducing the chances of vultures popping up at a bad time. Also, it seems they plan to gradually change the map, rather than come out with brand new maps, so you don't really have to worry about map size changes.

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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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What do you all think about the new map changes from the Season 2 trailer?


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Re: Map size/3rd party fights

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@EA_Blueberry Looks exciting. A worrying idea is that some areas might have been designed specifically to synergise with watsons abilities and Im hoping we didnt see a flash of apex's equivalent of tilted tower.

Aesthetically it looked great but its all going to come down tothe playing for me.
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