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Re: Map design is terrible

by skykas82

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Map design is terrible

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The last ring has killed my team several times cause there no way to access the last cirlce. The map doesnt even tell you if the mountain range has a tunnel or a path through it and the train is beyond buggy

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Re: Map design is terrible

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I think you mean to say that they need to change how the next circle is selected and have mountains in mind when the make the next ring is randomly generated. Im in exactly the same boat as you. Me and my team have a lot of times been on the wring and the correct side of a mountain. We have specificly started to use wrait only for this reason. just to have the option of getting to the other side. 

While we wait for a rework i think we just have to try to predict the correct side. 

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Re: Map design is terrible

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Your right and i will keep wraith in mind when picking a team 

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Re: Map design is terrible

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you should use her active while you are making the portal. this will increase how far you can get without taking damage


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Re: Map design is terrible

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yeah the map is horrible.. lost 4 games on "no path possible due to circle" #eahatesthecommunity

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Re: Map design is terrible

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I have no issue with the map. its just the circle landign zones i have a big problem with


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