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Localize GunFire Audio

by cardamomm

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Localize GunFire Audio

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Hey Respawn!

When fire fights occur everyone can hear them from accross map. Can we get localized weapon audio? Because we don|ye this, when one fight occurs, teams bum rush any sort of sound and it eventually becomes an actual mountain of teams. What happens is the squad who gets accidentally caught in the middle of these fights will get stamped out and no where to go because every team is rushing towards the fight. I've interviewed too many players to count and everyone really dislikes the audio to the point that many players despise the game and can't even play the way they want to. Specfically ranked, I find that 90% of the player base that which is very small (and I know that you Respawn know its a low player count) will play passive till the point where they won't even fire or completely run and hide for the entirety of the match until they die. 

In all, as an avid player for this game and to many players who deticate themselves to this game:

Can we please just get localized audio? Its ruining the game actually. No one is enjoying it, only the stacked 3 man teams because thats sub zero population. 

The gun fire that can be heard by everyone on the map, is realistic but its making it so that everyone zergs one another.

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