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Re: Improvements to Ping: Compass Heading

by jerfiery

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Improvements to Ping: Compass Heading

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Not sure if this is the right place for this suggestion, general feedback seems bogged with complaints.


Tl;dr: aim at the sky to ping the current compass heading (N330)


Lots of players from other BRs are used to giving callouts to their teammates via the compass heading already. Currently if you are aiming above the ground (read anywhere in the sky) and you ping, nothing happens. Point at a distant mountain top and the ping registers, generally getting your point across. But clearly you don't want to go climb the thing and obviously there are no enemies at it's summit. If I could just aim a little higher and ping "Let's head West 263” or "Enemy spotted South 150” the message would be more clear. Probably also a little compass waypoint/marker.


Should be pretty simple to whip up, aside from the voice lines and would be a great QoL improvement that I'm confident many would appreciate.

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Re: Improvements to Ping: Compass Heading

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I could get behind this idea, but at the moment if I want to ping a location behind a mountain, I just go (M -> ping -> M)


M to bring up Map, ofc.


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Re: Improvements to Ping: Compass Heading

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Yeah, I use map pings a lot. But for me it's frequently

an audio cue that I want to ping towards and figuring out where that is in your map can take too long.

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