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Re: Get rid of trees with holes

by B_my_victum

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Get rid of trees with holes

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There is a thing called tripophobia, which is a fear of holes. I am not afraid but I am SOOO EASILY DISTURBED when I see those trees. Please get rid of those trees that have a bunch of holes.

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Re: Get rid of trees with holes

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@abs_olutely00Trigger warning : honesty ahead, laced with a bit of friendly sarcasm in an attempt to convey the ridiculousness of what you've just said.


What about getting rid of the pit so you can launch more peacefully? We should dispose of areas like the caves in the map and some of the walls as they have holes as well. I think these are very insensitive things to have added.

Really I think we're in jeopardy of litigation from Neophobes just by patching the game.

Orrr... unless you're just trolling : you can take playing this game (a voluntary exercise) as part of a necessary routine of exposure and response prevention therapy Standard smile

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Re: Get rid of trees with holes

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Holes? What holes? I like holes.

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Re: Get rid of trees with holes

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Remove the holes from enemy gun barrels too please,i have a deep fear of being shot at. D: 


All teasing aside, i sympathize with your issue but it'd be pretty damn hard to remove all holes from the game.

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