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Re: Fix the loot ship's hitboxes, or remove it please.

by hhnbbfggty66

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Fix the loot ship's hitboxes, or remove it please.

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The hitbox on the lootship is absolutely horrible. You clip into walls, you teleport while it's moving, half the time incendiary grenades just leave floating fire, you can't pick up teammates' banners from their deathboxes sometimes and the crate just rolls around clipping through walls and you can't retrieve the banner from it because it won't let you for some reason.


Please fix the hitboxes on it, it's a hundred times worse than it used to be, or if it's just not possible to fix it as it is, maybe re-implement it in a way that can be achieved. I understand there are limitations on the engine that you can't do anything about, but there has to be a better solution than this buggy, glitchy mess.


Specifically, the four thruster bits on the outside, you can walk right through them while the ship is moving, you can't climb most of them because you just teleport back and forth.

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Re: Fix the loot ship's hitboxes, or remove it please.

Community Manager

Thank you for your feedback. We've seen some strange teleportation reports from time to time on the airship and we'll continue to pass along these experiences to the team. 


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Re: Fix the loot ship's hitboxes, or remove it please.

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@Nightstick24Yeah, those loot ship are kinda iffy.

This reminds me of when I used to program moving 2D platformers.

When the character stand on the moving platform my character speed would have to match that of the platform, so my character would always be jittery. I dont know the work around for smooth platform with character moving in sync with the platforms, maybe you have to make a second space unique to the airship when you come in to contact with it, but that would cause the player to keep moving after jumping off the platform.

Stuff like this seems simple on the surface but takes time to program the proper physics.

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Re: Fix the loot ship's hitboxes, or remove it please.

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Less of a bug more of annoyance..


I don't see why when you're stood on it and it starts to turn that should start to drag your ADS camera away from the target you're are both still on the same moving object so there shouldn't be any interference.

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