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Fix ring

by illsmashya

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Fix ring

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You need to do some thing about the ring it has killed me to many times and people are not out side it any more they are waiting for it to come and are killing people that or making the run back in the ring to go around and die 

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Re: Fix ring

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@illsmashya They need to increase the time. I feel like they made it do massive damage *and* close ridiculously fast, but it really only needed damage. If we added between 1 minute to the first circle close and like 30 seconds to mid game circles and 15 to late game circles, I think everyone would benefit.

I like the damage as-is though. It's actually a threat, I just hate when I land, loot one building, and already have to sprint for the entire time and pray I find heals along the way because the damn circle is literally on the polar end of the map.
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